Joe Benning
Vermont State Senator

Caledonia/Orange District

Contact Information

To Contribute:  Please make checks payable to:  "Joe Benning for State Senate" and mail to Joe at the address below.  Note: by law the maximum amount of contribution per person is $1,560.00.

Want to help? 

         Campaign road signs:  call 802-274-1346

          Letters to the Editor:  The following papers cover Joe's senatorial district.  You can               write one letter and send to all three at once.  In addition, if you use Front Porch Forum, you can write a letter directly in the Forum that covers your town.  Finally, don't forget to post a letter to your own Facebook or social media page.

                 The Caledonian Record:  
                 The Hardwick Gazette:     
                 The Bradford Journal Opinion:

For further information:

Joe Benning
P.O. Box 142
Lyndonville, VT 05851

Phone:  (802)626-3600
Fax:  (802)626-3414

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